How To Expand Your Social Media Presence: What I’ve Learned After Two Years on LinkedIn

We’re on LinkedIn today for a number of reasons, all of which focus on career development and networking. As the leading social media platform for professional development, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting with others and sharing perspectives that allow us to grow as employees and learn as employers.

Over the last two years, I’ve dedicated a significant amount of energy to grow my presence on social media, especially LinkedIn. My goal then is the same goal that I strive toward today – to become a trusted, reliable public voice in the Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development sphere.

But back in 2016, I was in a very different spot. I only had a small handful of LinkedIn connections and hadn’t dedicated the time to grow my social media influence.

Today I have 1,500 LinkedIn followers and my presence continues to grow daily. In honor of Social Media Day on June 30, I’m looking back at how I’ve managed to grow my follower base to suggest how you might grow your account as well. 

Two Years of Development

Here’s what two years of activity on LinkedIn has taught me:

1. Be consistent. 

As any social media professional will tell you, it’s important to be consistent — in both frequency and voice. I write a different post each weekday on one of the biggest topics in Learning & Development or Diversity & Inclusion — my areas of expertise. My voice remains the same, and I try to provide value to my readers and the work they advance.

2. Curate and create great content. 

Part of being consistent is maintaining a steady stream of quality content that starts conversations with the community. I balance my favorite articles with a steady stream of my own original content. Each month I hop into LinkedIn’s blog platform to write about a topic that’s either on my mind or one that is dominating mainstream media. By tapping into the month’s zeitgeist, I start larger conversations than I thought was possible through my daily posts.

3. Track your results (and keep your goals in mind). 

When I started my work on LinkedIn, I was determined to use my voice to both influence and start important conversations. That goal keeps me focused on important analytics and metrics that matter to me. Each month, I review how my posts and blogs have performed, and I use that data to influence my decisions in the future.

4. Find a mentor. 

As anyone who works in Learning & Development would do, I found a great team that helps me recalibrate every month, so I’m constantly working toward my goal. By surrounding myself with professionals, I’m always learning new ways to improve.