Discussing Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership Development

Connecting with people, sharing stories, and trading advice has been crucial in my career navigation. I want to be sure that future generations have the same opportunities to glean insight from today’s  corporate leaders.


The National Black MBA Association Annual Conference

The National Black MBA Association® is the premier business organization serving Black professionals. Their mission is to lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and growth opportunities for those historically underrepresented throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs, and professionals.


Atlantic Live, Focusing on Diversity in Large Enterprise

October 2018

What does it take to diversify a large enterprise like UPMC? And what role do forces like the economy, unionization, and organizational culture play in affecting success? I had the opportunity to address these topics, as well as several others, when sitting down with Dan Tyler of Ingersoll Rand, and Kathleen Koch.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Panel Discussion on “Diversity in the Professional Workplace”

The panel discussed preconceptions about diversity and inclusion. Among other things, Dr. Taylor spoke about how to increase diversity and retention at institutions like IUP, for both employees and students. He also covers how building cultural competency requires getting students to move out of their comfort zone—asking them to attend functions or meet people who they normally would not interact with.


Luncheon Speaker, National Healthcare DEI Conference

Taking place over two half days, the National Healthcare DEI Conference is a premier leadership development event, gathering healthcare professionals and leaders from all over the nation in paneled discussions about crucial conversations, current issues and ways to bring equitable care in relation to this year’s theme of "Managing Pandemics: Recover, Restore, Renew." The conference included over 15 panel sessions and an awards luncheon honoring individuals and organizations in recognition of their exemplary diversity initiatives and efforts in paving the way for equitable healthcare delivery.