Diversity Communities of Practice and Key Learnings

Over the next five weeks, many diversity practitioners will gather around the country to share ideas and glean insights on best practices within our profession. Personally, I will be speaking at the Diversity MBA, Black MBA, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), and the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) conferences. With so much dialogue on the horizon, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with each conversation whether you are there in person or following online. Here’s a rundown of some of the many important conversations planned over the next few weeks.

Diversity MBA Magazine 50 Out Front

Each year, Diversity MBA takes a close look at the culture and climate across corporate America of those top players making strategic efforts to implement initiatives that advance women and people of color. They then look at how companies are “championing recruiting efforts that result in a diverse and targeted talent selection for management opportunities.” For 2018, Diversity MBA took their process a step further and examined the pipeline development of emerging leaders and the sustainability of these inclusive cultures and talent retention.

UPMC is honored to be included on the list that Pam McElvane, CEO of Diversity MBA, describes as representing “the business case for diversity and inclusion [that] is relevant no matter where you sit. CEOs that are stepping up and speaking out are supporting the advancement of diversity and inclusion and are experiencing overwhelming positive results in both business and retention.”

A few other companies on the list — PNC and Bayer USA — also have offices right here in Pittsburgh. We are proud to be in a city that is always striving to advance a meaningful community agenda that promote diversity and inclusion.

As you consider other various “top lists” of the year, make sure you understand the methodology behind how these lists are formed. Take a look at my blog from last summer breaking down the method behind the madness of common ranking lists.  

Diversity MBA 12th Annual Elite National Business Leaders Conference & Awards Gala

This conference took place in mid-September in Chicago and examined the impact of diversity across specific industries. When it comes to technology, the discussion was formed around the impact of global business. When discussing the sports industry, the conversation was geared toward finding ways to leverage D&I for a positive business impact. In the discussion around healthcare, my colleagues and I dove head-first into the equity imperative.

NAAAHR Conference

Among other topics, this conference plans to look at a larger question concerning personal ethics at work: How can we authentically balance personal politics in a corporate setting?

500 professionals will gather in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan to learn how to evaluate their personal code of ethics against the written principles of their employer. We will also look at strategies for effectively working with and learning from coworkers who may hold different personal views.

This question becomes even more complex when you look at individuals that are in management roles. Because of this, we will be identifying ways to manage employees who may have strong differing opinions. Lastly, we are striving to look at effective ways for managing stress in environments where your views may be in the minority.

Black MBA Conference

This year’s conference, held in Detroit, is formatted to have highly targeted and informative tracks covering different topics. Dynamic Leadership, Technology & Innovation, Professional Development, Education & Workforce Policy are just a few of the many themes conferees will have an opportunity to study. Breakout sessions analyzing ideas such as “Big Data: Algorithms vs. Human Analysis” and “Motivating and Retaining Generation Z” will also be available to attendees.

NAHSE Conference

Held in Orlando this year, NAHSE will celebrate its 50th year since being founded. Naturally, conference attendance is expected to skyrocket as conferees address the important topic of

advancing healthcare as a civil rights issue. The Honorable John Lewis will deliver one of several keynotes throughout this commemorative year. Additionally, this year’s conference will include a host of enriching educational seminars, the ever-popular Opening Session/Public Policy Forum, the Women’s and Men’s Forums, and a renowned CEO/Senior Executive track that will focus on nurturing and developing our senior-most leaders.