“Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday.”

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For more than 20 years, I’ve worked in healthcare, specifically leading teams charged with sustaining and enhancing organizational and community culture. It is my hope to inspire others by sharing my experiences, philosophy, and lessons learned along the way. Foundation to my work is the belief that talent and ability are not limited, but enhanced, by the cultural expertise that we each possess to create physical spaces where the unique attributes of each person are understood, valued, respected, and utilized.

Professional Experience

I have the privilege of serving as Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent Management Officer at UPMC, one of the nation’s largest academic medical centers and most successful integrated health care delivery and finance systems. My role allows me to lead with culture as a vital component of our employee, health plan member, patient, and community experience.

“I believe that growth and understanding comes from putting ourselves in vulnerable situations like visiting places where we do not know the culture or language. I enjoy visiting world heritage sites and viewing history artifacts, eating from local delicatessens, and exploring  cities and villages around the country and the world. Similarly, I’ve learned so much from others throughout my career in healthcare as well as those likely and unlikely teachers I’ve encountered in my philanthropic, community, and board appointments.”

Recent Topics On My Mind

I am fascinated with culture; it’s what guides me. Read my thoughts on leadership, innovation, diversity and other relevant topics so that it can launch the conversation for others to join in as well.

We all have a seat in the conversation.

Dr. Maya Angelou said it best – we are all people, and so much more alike than different. As such, we can learn so much from others. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter to continue the conversation and follow my favorite resources, current happenings, and latest posts.